The Molong volunteer service team is in action
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      18 years of "wenbia" has not completely dispelled the disaster shadow left by Shouguang people. This year, "lichima" rushed through with high winds and torrential rain, bringing haze to Fujian, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Jiangsu and other places along the way. Shandong has been shrouded in three consecutive days of high winds and torrential rain.

      After the typhoon, some areas of Shouguang were seriously damaged by the flood disaster. In the affected area, the disaster degree of some villages in Yingli town is more obvious. In response to the call of the government, our company actively carried out volunteer service for disaster relief in nanwangjiazhuangzi village, Yingli town.

      Leaders of our company attach great importance to this rescue volunteer service activity. For the first time, a temporary relief volunteer service team of Molong was established to coordinate the allocation of corresponding rescue equipment and materials. At 7:00 on the 16th, the volunteer team gathered and rushed to nanwangjiazhuangzi village, Yingli Town, baolean village to carry out the help work.

      After arriving at nanwangjiazhuangzi village, Yingli Town, we found that after the flood, the mud in the streets and alleys of the village was deposited, which made it very difficult for the people to travel, the environment in the village was worrying, the daily production and life could not be carried out normally, and the disaster situation was serious.

      In recent days, during the voluntary service activities, our company guarantees that there are about 30 volunteers in nanwangjiazhuangzi village every day to clean up the mud and garbage in the house for the villagers, and help to remove the Kang and courtyard wall damaged by the blister. During the day, two large-scale forklift trucks constantly remove the sundries on the road. On the evening of August 17, our company's volunteer service team received the latest work arrangement, concentrated the team's manpower and cleaned up the central street of the village. The central street has a long road and a large area. Our volunteer team will go all out to clean it up, which is also our current key work.

Publisher:Information manager   Date:2019-8-19