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  Mr. Zhang En Rong, also known as Hua Xuan, was borne in Shouguang in 1940. He was already very smart and clever when he was young. In 1955, he finished his primary school studies and was sent to the villages to work on the land. Still, he kept up with his studies industriously. His hard work led to tremendous improvement in his cultural and intellectual abilities. In 1986, he was ordered by the local government to rescue a distressed small factory then suffering from insolvency. Upon joining that factory, he started to build his career in the world of enterprise with the philosophy of “Technology is the First Driver of Productivity”. Then he received advanced training and distance learning education from the Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, [Wuhan Employee Finance Institute Wuhan Employee Finance Institute and Shenzhen Advanced Education and Training Center . From this Mr. Zhang acquired sound qualities of an entrepreneur. It also laid down the backdrop of prosperity for Molong today.
  Mr. Zhang has broad interests and likes making friends. He is a good poet and has accumulated a rich collection over the years. Therefore, it can be said that Mr. Zhang is a modern entrepreneur with good knowledge in ancient and contemporary cultures and studies. At the requests of some friends, he held a number of painting and poem collection exhibitions in Beijing, Dongyang and Daqing. These exhibitions won high acclaims from several famous artists and people from all walks of life.
  Mr. Zhang is a wide reader and is an eager and industrious learner. Besides, he has made friends with many great intellects locally and overseas. He has personal views on Chinese poems and paintings. In particular, he has a unique perspective on calligraphy works of ancient artists. His own calligraphy works and prose writings are more than a hundred. In business, he has been honest and of good faith, and has delivered outstanding results. He received a number of awards by the State and the provincial and municipal governments, including the honours of “Distinguished Entrepreneur of the Nation”, “500 Top Businessmen of the PRC”, “Model Worker of Weifang City”, “Honourable Worker Contributing to the Prosperity and Affluence of Shandong”.