Castings and forgings
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  The billets required by the company are all produced by pure steel smelting technology with independent intellectual property rights. At present, the company can provide high-quality billets of 120~350mm for all kinds of pipes.
  Electric-arc Furnace:The integrated equipment consist of high power electric-arc furnace/basic oxygen furnace, LF external refining furnace, VOD, Teeming Tundish(Pouring Box), electromagnetic stirring, arc continuous casting, flame cutter etc to produce- high quality billets of OD 350/330/310/280/220/180 and 120mm.
  Mud pump liner is an important part for mud pump as the key component of rigs, which can be divided into single and double metal liner according to the material, and can be divided into single type, two and three sets of liner according to the structure. The company has a specialized manufacturing plant for mud pump liner with advanced equipment and unique technology to provide different types of liners of three categories including more than 100 types with stable quality and timely supply in Europe, USA and Middle East etc.