The company's "cultural and sports activities month" is in full swing
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    In order to further enrich the amateur cultural life of our company's employees, better display the spirit of our company's employees, and enhance the company's cohesion and centripetal force, recently, the company's "cultural and sports activity month" led by the company's labor union was successfully held, and many employees of the company participated in this activity.

    The company's "cultural and sports activity month" is a carrier and a platform. Through this month, we can increase the communication and mutual understanding between departments and between employees. Through this month, we can strengthen the team building of the company and improve the spirit of the company.

    This activity specifically includes: chess, women's fixed-point shooting, table tennis, basketball, sprint. In the activity, everyone competed with style and level. They have demonstrated the good teamwork ability of the company's employees with practical actions, the fighting spirit of fearless and dangerous, rich creativity and infinite vitality.

    Through this activity, the passion of employees can be released, the physique can be strong, and the ability of solidarity and cooperation between employees can be promoted. We all said that such activities are very meaningful. Thanks to the company's attention, care and training, they will devote themselves to the work of creating a better Meron with more enthusiasm and higher morale, adding luster and new achievements to the company's development!

Publisher:Information manager   Date:2019-6-25